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Hands on Teaching and Training in Sex

Want to learn new skills or brush up on existing skills? with Sexual Training you can bring back the fun in sex!

There is an unnecessary stigma attached to the various complications that can arise in coitus. Despite what we are often taught to believe, for many reasons it is not always possible for men to ‘perform’ sexually in the way that he would like to.

The two main causes of sexual dissatisfaction for men, and the lovers that they encounter, are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
Despite the negative associations that these problems receive, they are surprisingly common - but don't worry, Charlotte Rose can help!


Cuddle Therapy

Cuddles, hugs and snuggles are so important in our busy lives, as it remind us of the need for skin on skin closeness.

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With my training techniques you will be able to have the most, deep, sexy, romantic, erotic kiss you will have ever experienced!

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One in ten men will suffer from sexual problems, such these, in their lifetime. With some simple techniques, PE can be fixed.

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Success Course

The 'SUCCESS' Program for male clients with little or no sexual experience. This Program, consists of five parts, that equips men with all the necessary skills and abilities to gain confidence as a lover.

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Mentoring Sessions

Develop an understanding of sexual relationships whilst exploring your own confidence and building various skills.

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