Dear Charlotte: Have I caught genital warts?

Dear Charlotte,

I’ve just started dating and I’ve been having a little fun with a girl, after she went home I jumped into the shower to get washed. Whilst I was washing my bits I felt little lumps on my balls. I dried myself off and got a mirror and had another look. They look like spots on my balls small in size with what looks like yellow heads, there’s about 10 of them, have I caught genital warts?


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Dear Charlotte: I’m not getting satisfaction from intercourse with my boyfriend

Dear Charlotte

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years but I have noticed that in the last six months, sex has got quicker and quicker that I’m not getting any satisfaction when we have intercourse. We’ve tried to speak about it and I think that’s made the situation worse. What should I do?


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Dear Charlotte: I can’t get my girlfriend aroused before intercourse.

Hi Charlotte  

I’m struggling getting my girlfriend aroused before intercourse what should I do? 


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