Dear Charlotte: My boyfriend wants to see me with another woman

Dear Charlotte

My boyfriend wants to see me with another woman but I’m worried that he’ll fancy her more than me and I’ll get jealous, or he’ll leave me for the other woman, what do I do?

Thanks Kate


Hi Kate

Firstly, do you WANT to play with another woman, as it sounds like to me that you’re only doing this for your boyfriends sake.

If you don’t want to play with another woman then it is your right to say NO

If you do want to play, have you ever thought about an hiring an escort?

A professional escort with ensure that there is no come back of jealousy and/or additional feelings of emotion from your partner.

By hiring an escort you can go through all the ‘rules’ as it were, of engagement before you play.

You need to work out what she can and can’t do with you and your partner.

You need to discuss this, clearly with your partner prior.

Ask him what he wants to see, do, and try?

Are you sure you want the same things?

This is the time to discuss everything with your partner.

So what should you discuss…

What do you want her to look like? What do you want her to be able to do with you both?

Are you looking for a couples experience or more a porn star experience?

Do you want to be able to kiss? Oral with or without protection? Do you want her to perform oral sex on you both?

Also if your partner is playing with her with his fingers do you want him to then put his fingers inside you? You need to discuss all of these things openly and clearly before you make the booking.

I have played before with couples and I normally make sure that I follow instruction from the woman as she (you) are the ones with the control of the situation.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you agree to get up to with the escort, your partner will be happy to see you play, even just to the point of kissing with another woman will be heaven for him, so providing you are the one calling the shots you will all have a great time

Just remember you must be both in agreement of what you will and wont get up too.

There’s no fun if the rules of engagement are broken so make sure you are both open and honest, prepared and ready, and you will all have a great time

Love Charlotte

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