Where did kissing come from?

There are many stories to where and why kissing was created. One theory is that in the early BC years, villages used kissing as a way to transfer antibodies to each other to help reduce infection from diseases. Today it has become a vital starting point of the connection between two people.

Is kissing important?

Kissing in the intimate touch and caress from a mouth to mouth; generally a transaction between two people.

To most, kissing is so important that it will be the first thing a person will experience from a potential partner. To some if the kiss isn't up to scratch, the rest is history.

Can kissing be taught?

Yes it can. The majority of errors made when it comes to kissing come from being over excited! This can make people go in for the kiss too hard, or too fast. With training techniques you will be able to have the most, deep, sexy, romantic, erotic kiss you will have ever experienced!

So what happens?

You need to make an appointment to come and see me, or for me to come and see you. I would need to experience the way you kiss already to access the next step. Don't worry if you've never experienced a kiss, as I can help with that too.

How long will it take?

Kissing training consists of 1 hour, and could be accomplished in a minimum of two sessions, depending on you.
The art of kissing is the most wonderful connection between your heart and sex, and the body sensations are truly mind blowing!

1.5hr Kissing Training Session: £120

For more in depth training please see the 'SUCCESS' course. The Kissing course is just one part of the 'SUCCESS' Course